THE ART OF SOUND DESIGN - so much more than 'crash bang wallop'

Adding a sprinkling of magic to your business presentations, in the form of custom identity music, voice-overs, sound effects or background music. will ensure that your audience gains the maximum possible experience and your business, the maximum potential. Just as good graphics design brings your visual identity into focus, good sound design can create a strong emotional focus to your project.

Oddly, your sound designer's job is to make things 'look' better. Audio adds realism and depth, by making the actions and the setting far more believable, by reinforcing a visual message and by changing the mood or pace. An effective soundtrack can bring lacklustre content to life, just as a poorly produced one can knock the shine off even a highly polished production. It's all about creating audio which has the right 'feel' for the job.

The Atomic Audio Association is here to help businesses improve the impact of their product promotions, seminars, exhibitions, web and computer presentations by acting as sound-doctor to its clients. By creating custom music and audio, you avoid the pitfalls of using stock sound. As it's not specifically created for your project, stock sound may not exactly fit. Like clip art, it is also recognizable and those over-used effects or soundtracks can give your production that been-there, seen-that feeling.

Nigel Watts-Plumpkin is your sound designer and foley artist (sound effects specialist - named after Jack Foley, a 1950s radio and movie sound pioneer and Universal Studio technician).

Sound design - the emotional language of the moving picture - is so much more than 'crash bang wallop' but, if that's what's required...

ScorpioSongs, sound design and fx services

The Atomic Audio Association provides the following services:

Identity Music Audio for CD Presentations Sonic Brand Triggers
Music for Multimedia/Web Film/video soundtracks
MLP Training's new motivational programmes were recorded, mastered and the graphics designed by ScorpioSongs. Go to for a look and listen.

Email us for a copy of O'Bleak, the self-promotional Christmas special DVD, produced jointly by The Core Group and ScorpioSongs. This features the staff in festive mood, singing and baring the occasional bottom in a surreal playscape. It's wild!

Click on this fly to view a streaming version of the animation Wile on the Nile or click Wiley Fly in the list below for audio only. Contact Colin Livingstone at, who conceived and animated the movie , which was produced jointly for Welsh TV channel, S4C.

MLP motivational audio
O'Bleak Christmas DVD
Wiley the Fly sound FX
To hear some examples of our audio works, click on the links below:

Tooting Car Man - promo for Tomb Raider 4, Core Group/Eidos Games

Fonda Honda - promo for S2000 model, Core Group/Honda Cars

Fonda Honda Whispa - promo for S2000 model, Core Group/Honda Cars

Motorway Madness - travel news music, Linx Radio Network

Through the Nebula - power systems seminar, TLC Marketing

Abloy Dream - soundtrack for corporate video, Lighthouse Design/Abloy Protec

Across the nebula - power systems seminar, TLC Marketing

Agaar's Bazaar - promo for Tomb Raider 4, Core Group/Eidos Games

Angry Egyptian - promo for Tomb Raider 4, Core Group/Eidos Games

Cheesy Cinema - Haemorrhage website, HBS Design Assocs

Dialog identity - interactive CD, Core Group/Dialog-on-Disc

In the black mad water - christmas self-publicity, HBS/ScorpioSongs

A-capella jazz funk - identity music, Sherwood Data Comms

Litter Bug - litter awareness campaign, Llanfyllin School (also in Welsh).

Success Formula - (excerpt) motivational audio, MLP Training

Wiley Fly - animated short for S4C TV competition, Dreamtree Ltd

You can downolad MusicPower, which gives further details of some recent audio projects.
MusicPower-Articles and projects
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